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let's go to the videotape

So we've been thinking that we ought to get some video of ' presents ColdCat Goes to LA' and one of my co-drivers owns a camera which is in storage in the western UP. I contacted the guy who has it and told him I would drive to Marquette and pick it up. I made it to the mean streets of the MQT only to find out his car broke down, thus, no camera. The holder of the camera is about to move in with a bunch of hot chicks, so I may need an excuse to visit later this month. I did visit the lovely eating establishment Hudson's with lwj contributor Josh where I tackled the Big Rig, a rather large burger. Good stuff.

Meanwhile, my sister got hitched Saturday. The big excitement, the best man was escorted off the premises. Seems he got drunk, got into a fight with his wife, and nearly knocked over the entire bar in his stupor. Fun for the whole familly. He is from Colorado so perhaps the exposure to real beer was too much for him to handle.

comments (1) 08-04-2004

The People's Comments:

Shi-at, I didn't know people from Colorado has Wussier beer than us. He was probably sufferring from low blood because of all the misquitoes here.

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