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NCAA Football '08

So you may have noticed that I haven't been watching too many Oscar winners lately. Or maybe you haven't noticed, you ungrateful sons of bitches. Whatever. Anyway, I've been distracted by the arrival of College Football '08 for the PS3. I bought the game with dreams in my head of creating the entire GLIAC, and taking them into dynasty mode where my NMU Wildcats would not only finally beat Grand Valley State, but also win that elusive national title. The joke's on me. The game designers took create-a-school out of the game. Fuckers. They even removed the Division I-AA teams so I couldn't even replace such criminal institutions as Florida State and Miami (FL) with teams from the Atlantic 10. The game play itself is very nice. The college game has implemented the hit stick which has been a feature of Madden the past several years. Only their version is a bit better, with the option of hitting the ball carrier high or low. Another option I like is the ability to sim the rest of a game once it gets out of hand. This option has been available in baseball games for years, while gamers in football had to just take a knee and watch the clock run down. The graphics in the game are very nice, but I've been hearing all about how various glitches have been taken out. This is not the case. Players still walk through each other from time to time. I even had one of my linebackers strip a running back by hitting him on the right side while the back had the ball tucked in his left arm, and once it popped out, the ball flew magically threw the ball carrier's torso. Outside of game-play the look of the game is second rate. In some of the menu screens the print is so small you need a 56 inch TV to know what the hell you're doing. I just started randomly pushing buttons until I figured out by trial and error how to navigate around. Recruiting is also far more in depth, but that's not necesarilly a good thing. In the old game you spent some time in the off season convincing young athletes to attend your school by plugging one of five features, location, program prestige, coaching prestige, coaching style, or playing time. When I played a season with my created Kettering Engineers, I always loved hearing that some recruit was excited about playing in Flint. Not too realistic, but fun nonetheless. Now the list of possible selling points has trippled and become far more cumbersome. If you like to spend as much time simulating phone calls to high school seniors as you do on actual football, this is the game for you. I'm kind of partial to the old game's set up of handling all the recruiting off-season, which usually took all of two hours to complete. Now you have to go through the process for every week of football you play in season, which means to advance the game one week, you spend 45 minutes in the recruiting and 45-60 in an actual game. Yes, this is what an actual college football coach must go through constantly, but I buy a football game to play football, not ask some imaginary 17 year old how much he cares about fan support. There are a lot of little nice improvements, like the elimination of player discipline (I always felt like a hypocrite suspending players from my NMU team in the old game for not going to class, when I never went to class in real life back in college). However the negatives outweigh the positives in this game. Hopefully the new Madden blows this game away, because this game just blows. As I try to channel the magic of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, I give this game two GLIAC member institutions out of five.

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I'm hoping the new madden does what they said it would on the Wii... oh boy oh boy... I can't way. BTW: send me the list of the movies you can't find.

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