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random thoughts on Pistons-Magic game 2

I got an early birthday gift from work Monday. I was asigned to cover the second game of the Pistons-Magic series. Here are some random thoughts and observations.

Pregame press meal- BBQ bourbon chicken with steamed potatoes. The VIP lounge at Wrestlemania can suck it.

You know how Greg Oden looks like he's about 45? Well the exact oposite of that would have to be Travis Diener of the Magic. During pre-game shoot around it took me 20 minutes to realize he wasn't a ballboy. He's 25 years old, he played college ball alongside Dwayne Wade, and yet he looks like he's 15. When he tells women he plays basketball, I'm sure half of them ask "JV or varsity?"

I had to talk our weekend sports guy, Dillon, down from swiping the list of seating asignments for press row because it had his name on it. "I hope I never not get excited about stuff like that," he said. Amen, brother.

The Magic have an odd pregame thing they do. As the team is wandering over to the bench for introductions, Hedo Turkoglu jumps up, grabs the rim, and kind of swings back and forth for a few minutes before dropping back to the ground. Then JJ Reddick comes along and does the same thing. Hey, how about you get your own gimmick, Duke boy? JJ comes off like the little brother trying to impersonate his big brother.

We were placed in the front row of the press section behind the basket Orlando was shooting at in the first half. The press section has rows of tables we can all set our stuff on during the game, and the tables are on risers. Well, the front of the first riser, just in front of the table for the first row of press, is where Automotion sits while not dancing. When they first came over at the start of the game, they all stood on the edge of the riser facing the crowd to wave their pon-poms, putting her chest about level with my eyes. If it weren't for the table, it would have counted as a lap dance. I spent ten minutes tryig to figure out how long it would take security to throw me out of the building if I offered Automotion 20 bucks for a motorboat. After an early Piston basket caused her to jump up in celebration, she turned around to me to apologize and promise me she wouldn't jump up in front of me again. I told her it was quite alright.

The Pistons have a security worker named Leann. Her job is to sit in a folding chair behind the basket facing the crowd during play, and stand on the court facing the crowd during timeouts, ensuring drunks don't run out onto the floor. The trouble is, she looks permanantly afraid. Is it really all that smart for your security personel to look frightened?

'Sheed has evidently passed the torch in terms of talking to refs during the game. Webber does most of it now.

I guess I should mention something about the game itself, so here goes. For the first six minutes or so Orlando kept trying to work the ball inside, and the result trip after trip was a turnover. So for the rest of the game they switched up to an offense comprised mostly of Turkoglu taking a few steps toward the lane, quickly changing his mind when he saw 'Sheed and Webber waiting for him, and settling for a pull up jumper. The trouble was the Pistons didn't seem too interested in making them suffer for it. They shot 4 for 4 from three point range and had a 9:0 assist to turnover ratio in the first quarter, then just kind of put it on cruise control. Several times a Piston would post up against a double team with a wide open, no defender in sight, teammate a few feet away, and instead of kicking out, he would go for the turnaround jumper. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it did not. We shall see what the future holds in that series. Sadly, I'm not heading to Florida for game three.

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The People's Comments:

You must have caught the game on replay... because if I know you, and I do... you couldn't keep your eyes off of Chelsea.

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