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where the hell have I been?

Los Angeles.

I flew out to CA for a job interview up the road in Santa Barbara. Some observations. . . .LA radio sucks. It's the number two media market in the country and they have a whopping ZERO good radio stations. Even the ones you think are promising try to shove Creed down your throat eventually. The one good thing about LA radio would be the Henry Rollins show. The man puts out CD's full of rants about life, so it makes sense to give him his own show (and even more sense to let him play whatever music he wants). Meanwhile a station in Ventura County is taking a cue from FOX's hit show 'The OC' by refering to their part of suburban LA as 'The VC.' That could backfire if any Vietnam vets with post traumatic stress syndrome out there hear the station mentioning that 'The VC is in the house.'

The drivers in LA suck too. They have a knack for running red lights and they drive way too slow on an interstate highway.

In and Out Burger is as advertised, though the one in Goleta screwed up my order. The one on Sunset got it right and I do enjoy they way they let you know your order is ready. 'Number 29, please!'

The city of Ojai is pronounced 'Oh-Hi.' This is just wrong. It should be 'O-Jay' so that when the high school football team does well, the folks on TV can announce that 'Ojai just killed 'em.'

Santa Barbara is a nice place.

The interview did not go as well as I had hoped, so it looks like I won't be moving there. Too bad. Probably can't afford to anyway.

And I'm going back to LA in a two weeks as presents. . .COLDCAT GOES TO LA!!!!!

comments (1) 07-23-2004

The People's Comments:

I used to live in Ojai. My school's team mascot was the spud. Yes, the potato. We obviously weren't going for aggressive or intimidating with that one.

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