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Choose your own aventure kinda...

So I ran across something called tonight while trying to relax at home. It looks like it was created "Down Under" by two brothers (Regis and Remi). Anyhow it's not really a new idea but I think it's worth the look. I'd write a review about the five of them that I have watched but after Coldcat has been posting reviews for his Oscar blog and Haas with his Wrestlemania blog, I'd just look stupid and yes I know, me looking stupid isn't new either.

Oh yeah the voting works by comment on the video with your choice.

That is all.

comments (1) 03-13-2007

The People's Comments:

So I commit to a 79 part series. Hass is willing to go 23. Meanwhile you puss out at 5? Come on, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Flatter me. Get to writing.

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