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Alone on a Friday night?

I know that I make a lot of jokes of how bad my life sucks.  But as I sit here tonight under the stars, next to my bonfire, and typing this on a wireless high speed network; I guess I really should stop saying that.  However some may say that being alone on a Friday night is rather 'loserish.'  To that I say, after the week I had I thought I need this down/alone time.  Sitting in front of a bonfire with my laptop, some tunes coming from the house, and a beer in hand seems like a great way to spend a Friday night.  While writing this I have decided that I really should do this more often and by that I mean take some time for myself, some real time.

Or then again, maybe my life does suck, I mean think about it I am sitting at home alone on a Friday night; with a laptop and beer.

comments (4) 07-23-2004

The People's Comments:

Justin, I have always loved your sense of humor and I don't understand why you're alone on a Friday night...on the other hand, sometimes being alone is a good've seen what's out Domm

next time try calling Jane...

awwwwwwwwww. poor justin. you live close enough to Flint. can't you find a hooker?

Justion you can never do that. You are peolpe person are not a non-peolpe person like me. That sound like heaven to me.

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