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The Holiday Season

On this 12-25 I want you all to remember the reason for the season. . . .that early Christians were afraid of being less popular than the religion of Mithras which had a winter holiday full of boozing it up, so they took it over and told people it was their savior's birthday, even though it almost certainly wasn't and the entire point of the religion wasn't his birth but the fact that he came back from the dead.

But I guess lately the reason for the season is more so that FOX News commentators can bloviate about all those dirty non-Christians going around reminding people that they'd rather not have someone's else's religion rubbed in their faces, made especially fun by the fact that this never wrong religion has spent the better part of the past two millenia persecuting the hell out of everybody.

So Happy Mithrasmas everybody.

And if you want to celebrate something, on 12-25-1991 Mikhail Gorbachev stepped down as President of the Soviet Union, an act that wiped away the last trace of the USSR and brought an end to the Cold War.

And if you must celebrate someone's birthday, you've got Isaac Newton, Ricky Henderson, Dido, and the embodiment of pure evil on Earth, Karl Rove.

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