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At KB Toys at GLC

Just a quick little thing I wanted to mention since it was rather funny and I likely won't see any of you folks for at least a few days, what with being out of town and all. . . . .anyway. While I was shopping the other day I went into a toy store at GLC to look for something for my niece. Off in a corner of the store next to all the WWE action figures they had a small selection of action figures from the Rocky movies. Very small selection. Now, when making action figures from this series you'd think that first on the list would be the Italian Stalion himself, followed by Apollo Creed, Clubber "I pity the fool" Lang, and perhaps if you had to come up with two others, Ivan Drago and Tommie "Machine" Gunn, cuz let's face it we could all use a Dolph Lundgren and Tommy Morrison action figure. (though this makes me realize they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel by the end of the series and I kind of fear what they have in store for part 6) Buuuuut, no. They had none of those guys. They had Paulie, sure, Rocky's brother-in-law, no problem. They had the mob boss Rocky worked for at the beginning of the first movie. Uh, sure, OK. Then came Roberto Duran. The real life champ who had a cameo as Rocky's sparring partner in "Rocky II." This kinda makes sense, although not many people remember Duran being in that movie and if it weren't for the phrase "no mas" no one would remember his boxing career either. Last but not least another guy who had a cameo in "Rocky II" playing the sports anchor on TV who talks about Apollo calling out Rocky. . . .none other than Brent Mussberger. Yes, drop by KB Toys at Great Lakes Crossing and you too can have a Brent Mussberger action figure. Sadly, there is no string you can pull to get him to say "You're looking live at Giants Stadium where Lawrence Taylor and the Giants look to contain Jim McMahon and the NFC Central leading Bears."

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