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It's tourny time in college football (or not)

OK, so the BCS sucks. Haven't we known this for years now? Defenders of the BCS say it's better than what we had before, but I don't hear detractors of the BCS saying they want a return to conference tie-ins to bowl games. They want a tournament. They want a December version of March Madness. So here are the brackets for the NCAA football Big Dance.

Now, a little about the selection comittee's process. First, like in basketball, hockey, and well, every other sport, conference champs get an auto bid. So no matter how good or bad your conference is, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, Louisville, Ohio St, Houston, CMU, BYU, USC, Florida, Troy, and Boise St are in. Secondly, in all other sports somewhere near 20% of all schools who field a team qualify for the tourny. So with 115 schools sponsoring Division I-A football, 24 of them make the dance. So with 11 auto-bids, there are 13 at-large bids to be had. Thirdly, just like in basketball, you can't face a conference rival until the regional final. With two regions, the regional final is the national semi-final, so there is a de facto limit of 4 teams per conference in the dance.


8 Wake Forest vs 9 Louisiana St (winner to play top seed Ohio St.

5 Louisville vs 12 Troy (winner to play 4 Notre Dame)

6 Auburn vs 11 Central Michigan (winner to play 3 Oklahoma)

7 West Virginia vs 10 Hawaii (winner to play 2 Southern Cal)



8 Cal vs 9 Texas (winner to play top seed Florida)

5 Rutgers vs 12 Houston (winner to play 4 Wisconsin)

6 Arkansas vs 11 BYU (winner to play 3 Boise St)

7 Oregon St vs 10 Navy (winner to play 2 Michigan)


The first round games are set to kickoff whenever the NCAA gets their heads out of their asses.

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