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Mar 15, 2012



My CD story

I needed a new CD player, or so I thought. As the clock winds down towards 'ColdCat goes to LA' and all the horror that will ensue, some of my travel companions expressed concern that the CD player in my car would have to be replaced. You see, it wasn't working. I would pop in a CD, hook the player up to the cig lighter, hit play, and pop the cassette converter in the tape deck, and the tape deck would spit it right out. So I went to a half dozen different stores with no luck at all finding either CD players with no car kit for around $20 or ones with a car kit for $75. Eventually I bought a new one at Sears (on sale for $30, go get yours today). I bring it home and guess what, the plug won't fit in the cig lighter. That's right, it renders my new CD player essentially useless. I tried plugging the old power cord into the new player, and it wouldn't work. Finally, a breakthrough. I plugged the new cassette converter into the old CD player. It works. I will be able to play CDs on the never ending road trip to LA. So, anyone want a new CD player (cassette tape converter not included)?

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