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how should I spend next weekend

OK, there are three possible ways I might spend next Saturday. I'll describe each way, as well as lay out some of the pluses of that particular even, in no particular order. Tell me what you think.

Option A- College football, Ohio State at Michigan State. Since Paul Tagliabue wanted to take a huge dump on local TV news before skipping town, he decreed that I cannot shoot NFL games, so the highest level of football I can shoot is Division I college ball (or Division I, Bowl Subdivision as the kids are calling it these days). And since OSU is the best team in the nation, that means the highest level of football talent a local TV photog can shoot is Buckeye football, and they just happen to be in East Lansing. Now, seeing as how there is no way in hell the station is sending anyone to Columbus for the national semifinal between Michigan and Ohio State, this is my only shot at them this season.

Option B- ALCS game 4, Athletics at Tigers. This option might become far more attractive if the Tigers win games 1 through 3. Events beyond my control screwed me out of a chance to get sprayed with champagne yesterday, and it would be nice if the Tigers won the pennant to be a part of it.

Option C- Bachelor party. OK, so I don't know the guy, but it's a friend of Justin's, and hey, poker and strippers, can't go wrong there.

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