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he's baaaaack

In old Bond films, there was always a chance the evil genius hellbent on total control over the world would come back. Well, one evil genius is making a very VERY unexpected comeback after being suposedly killed off more than a year ago.

Stewie Griffin, ladies and gentlemen, will be back to terrorize his small Rhode Island town as Family Guy will be revived by FOX either as a midseason replacement or a much welcome addition to the 2005 summer season, which by itself would make summer season 2005 better than this summer has been so far. I mean, sure, North Shore has hot chicks in bikinis and Method and Red has had its moments, but the disfunctional Griffins could trump the best efforts of those shows with one hand behind their backs. This is one of those shows that you can watch five times and always find a joke you missed the first time around. It is also the show responsible for the I've-never-laughed-so-hard-in-all-my-life moment. . . .someone makes reference to 'when God told Abraham to kill Isaac' leading to a cutaway of our 16th president shooting the bartender from Love Boat. I couldn't catch my breath for ten minutes. The show went away due to poor ratings, but hopefully someday network execs will learn, some shows have bad ratings because they get moved from night to night in a constant game of hide and seek with the fans, and some shows have low ratings because they suck (Coupling). I hope the return of the show is a triumphant one.

comments (3) 07-16-2004

The People's Comments:

you do know its on like every night on AdultSwim right? -dave 'Number one in the hood G!'

I just hope that it's not a watered down, 'have to serve the public since we are back on the air' version of this great show. Plus they need to bring back the evil monkey and the other handicap guy from the Special Olympics. Maybe even the Black Knight!

Two words: 'Hell' 'YEAH'

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