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What TV News is really like

So I saw 'Anchorman' over the weekend, and as a former and, if my luck changes, future TV news professional I really liked it. Like all good comedy of its ilk, it is a grain of truth blown out of proportion. Ferrell's Burgundy is egotistical and not very good, like more than one anchor I've known. He actually reminds me of an assesment a guy I knew offered of a female co-anchor- 'She has no personality that isn't written into a teleprompter for her.' The movie does capture the cliqueishness that can decend upon a newsroom as well as the rivalry between stations. Sure, in real life it's not like 'Beyond Thunderdome' but it can get intense. And speaking as a guy who once worked for a station pulling down a 35 share, when you're number 1 you tend to swagger a little around the guy you're beating. Also be on the lookout for one cameo after another.

Meanwhile, in the last couple days I've begun seeing previews for 'Harold and Kumar go to White Castle' which stars John Cho (he of the memorable recurring gag in 'American Pie', the wonderful performance in 'Better Luck Tomorrow' and the lone redeemable aspect of 'Off Centre'). It looks like it could be a quality diversion. I've also seen previews for 'Little Black Book' which seems entirely pointless. I think I would blind myself if that were the only way to ensure I will never see that movie.

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Ah yes, Ryan Tate. A man with many great words...including describing his penis as 'shamall as a small shamall' or yelling 'RYAN!' whenever he hits a bad shot on the golf course. Of course, Sunny (who according to Tate, 'raped his face') finally found her Ryan in San Diego and resides there now.

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