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Aug 14, 2006

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When wrestling and fire collide

For about 20 minutes tonight, TNA had to halt their PPV due to a small fire that occurred during the PPV. It appeared that some of the Pyros during the event cause the fire.
the TNA iMPACT! zone caught fire during the opening moments of the PPV due to pyro. The announcers stalled due to the fire in the building, in fact, Don West looked confused as to what was going on. Tenay talked about the upcoming tag team match. They shifted discussion to Sting/Jarrett, and showed another highlight reel. The pre-show video played over and over again as the fans were evacuated from the building.

They shot back to Mike Tenay and Don West in the parking lot and aired a video of what happened earlier. They stalled some more and we were told the building was cleared and fans were re-entering the arena.

Wrestler's in full-gear and fire trucks were seen outside during all of this. This is like a CNN.com breaking news story by Tenay and West on-scene.

The cameras inside showed security ushering in the fans again. West and Tenay continued to talk as Eric Young came in and said Cornette has to know this isn't his fault. Young called Jarrett "uncle Jeff." Monty Brown came in to cut a promo. Brown called Samoa Joe "fat Joe." He said "hey Joe, where you going with that cheeseburger in your hand?" A reference to the Jimi Hendrix song. Brown was very entertaining. He said someone is going to feel the pounce. They showed fans re-enter the building. Shane Douglas came out with the Naturals to cut a promo.

Wow, amazing stuff.

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We now finally return to live TV. Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash are outside the TNA arena behind a firetruck, where EVERYONE HAS BEEN EVACUATED. Fire officials have finally cleared the building for re-entrance it looks like, so the show will go on! Don West now appears with new information. A video of the fire plays as we see firemen swarm around the arena outside. According to TNA the PPV will resume in a few minutes. Tenay and West now go into frenzy mode and then proceed to put over, Eric Young, Johnny Devine, the TNA fans, and yes, even the fire!. We cut to a shot of an empty TNA Arena where fans are slowly piling back in. Don West says that due to time constraints that some matches will have to be cut. That sucks. Eric Young now shows up and wants Jim Cornette to know that this wasn’t his fault. Monty Brown now appears for a promo about his match with Joe & Rhino outside the building. Monty Brown now breaks into a few musical numbers and a comedy routine. And this is now officially the weirdest night in wrestling history. This promo just drags on and on.. and on… and it finally appears like fans are almost done being re-situated inside the arena. Shane Douglas now appears with the Naturals for a promo. He says adversity is what makes people great. He says that the fire in the building will not put out the fire in his boys chests. We now cut to Borash who is in the back with Alex Shelley cutting a promo about Chris Sabin and his match tonight. Kevin Nash now rolls out in a wheel chair and says today is the darkest day of his life. He hands Shelley his dog tags and tells him to go to war.

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The People's Comments:

Aw man, you mean I missed that. I could've taken you up on the invite to come over and watch TNA NOT do a PPV. Why can't WWE burn the place down once in a while? It would make things more interesting.

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