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So long ECW

In case you didn't hear...the two biggest stars on ECW got busted for drugs and it's apparent that the end is beginning as RVD lost his first title tonight:

Pro wrestlers caught with drugs in Ohio


HANGING ROCK, Ohio -- Two professional wrestlers stopped for speeding were caught with drugs, the State Highway Patrol said.

Robert Szatowski, known as "Rob Van Dam" and Terry Brunk, known as "Sabu," were stopped at 10:15 p.m. Sunday near this southern Ohio town after appearing at a match in Huntington, W.Va., Sgt. Chris Smith said on Monday.

Both appear on Extreme Championship Wrestling, a part of the World Wrestling Entertainment league. Szatowski is the reigning champion of the ECW and the WWE. Calls were not answered Monday at the WWE corporate offices.

The trooper, who searched the car after smelling marijuana, found 18 grams of marijuana and five tablets of Vicodin, a prescription painkiller, with Szatowski. Brunk had a pipe used to smoke marijuana and nine pills. Smith said he didn't know what type of drug the pills were.

Both were charged with drug abuse. Szatowski also was accused of possession of marijuana and Brunk was charged with having drug paraphernalia.

The men were cited and posted bond. They were to be arraigned Thursday morning in Ironton Municipal Court and likely will be fined, Smith said.

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The People's Comments:

http://www.wwe.com/shows/ecw/extremists/kelly/3003562/ if you need to know what she looks like

The worst part is: I am only scheduled to do a run in on the Mike Knox/Roadkill match...WTF!? At least let me be the one that stalks Barbi Kellie...oe let me kill CM Punk... Just kidding, I actually want to See MPunk.

I don't think anyone's that surprised that they had drugs with them. Rob never made his marijuana use a secret ("No one gets higher than [thumbs] R-V-D!"), but he was always smart about not having the stuff with him backstage. Not that anyone would have crossed their eyes at him if he had, seeing as some of the boys were doing stuff much harder than weed. I only wrestled a couple of matches with him, but he never seemed to be under the influence when I was in the ring with him.

The sad part is that the ECW revival already has been a comedy of misteps and bungles, with this one unfortunately being the latest. With Kurt already taking time off and now this, I don't think the new ECW will last the summer. And that means one fewer place for us to work.

Disclaimer: Spike and I are attending a ECW house show in Saginaw in a couple of weeks, and probably the taping in Detroit a couple of days later, so there's no joy here in seeing ECW tank like this.

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