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Party coming up: Memorial Day Weekend (27th-28th)

Sup my good people !
I know I try to get this out earlier, but I had a slight hick-up this year.
At the end of next week (Memorial Day weekend) Life With Justin along with Coldcat productions will be having a BYOF (bring your own food) party.  We'll provide the beer, Gas Grill (for pussies quoted via Eric) and Charcoal Grill).
As always you are welcome to come up Friday night and stay through Monday.  But the party is actually on Saturday (the 27th) with the spill over into Sunday (the 28th).  The Beer will be picked up Friday night.
Weekend festivities (possibilities) include:
DJ Rob P spinning
Whiffle ball
Butt sex (with Nick)
Cards (texas hold'em, euchre)
Butt sex (with Nick)
Vegas stuff (roulette, craps)
Video Games
Maybe more...
If you could tell Eric or I if you'll be showing up so that we make sure to get enough beer.

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