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Stupid Girls

A few days ago work took me into a district courtroom. A man who robbed a bank was being arraigned and I was there to cover it. However there was some confusion in finding the man a court appointed lawyer and the judge had to ask the defendant to wait while the court dug one up. In the meantime he went on to a pair of other cases, both domestic violence cases.

The first was cut and dried. The couple had been seperated for two years, the woman asked for and the judge immediately granted a no-contact order. The second case was a bit more tricky. The couple was still married. The judge asked the woman if she wanted a no-contact order. She said no. He explained that this would help keep her safe. She said no. "He's still my husband," she said. At first she denied the chance to get a no-contact order because she thought it meant she would have to find another place to stay. However even when the judge explained that her husband would have to find another place she still said no. He's still her husband.

Why the fuck does this woman refuse to even slightly inconvenience her abusive husband while no woman would even consider so much as having a conversation with me? This is why the world is shit.

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