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This could be a great storyline for next week's RAW
May 18, 2009

When wrestling and fire collide
Aug 14, 2006

Nate...we hardly knew ye!
Jul 12, 2006

Carson's two loves come together
Jul 06, 2006

So long ECW
Jul 04, 2006




Soooo, we all getting together? Maybe a Pre-WM Madden tourney? I need to kiss Justin's ass again! LOL

Edit by Crashnet: The word 'kick' was replaced with 'kiss' Thank you.



Hmmmm....mesthinks Justin is scared....


*Edit added by Spike

comments (3) 03-28-2006

The People's Comments:

Look, dem fish, never said no. nuff said.

Andy... it was a joke... there is only 4 or 5 of us that thinks you take liberties with fish.

As for WM, check your e-mail.

Apparently I am going fishing that day.

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