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The Sports Orgy weekend that wasn't

With the NCAA basketball tournament in full swing, most people are spending some quality time on their couches in front of their TV's watching hoops all day every day this weekend. This weekend was suposed to me something more for me. This weekend also happens to be conference championship weekend in college hockey. My beloved alma mater NMU reached the CCHA semi finals at Joe Louis Arena, faced the second ranked team in the nation, Miami. The Wildcats looked to be on the outside looking in for the NCAA tournament so winning the conference title, and with it an atuomatic bid, seemed to be the only way in. So several alumni picked up tickets to the semis with the expectation to get tickets to the finals should the 'Cats win. Then there's the MSU basketball team. The selection comittee saw fit to send them to Dayton, OH. With MSU's first round game just four or five hours down the road, there was a chance we could go, so our sports director made a few phone calls, worked his magic, and got us credentials for the dance. Sadly, we couldn't spare a person to head down for the first round game against George Mason, but we knew we could get a person there for the anticipated second round game, likely against defending national champion North Carolina. So we had our plan intact, Saturday at the JLA seeing Wildcat hockey and Sunday in Dayton for MSU hoops. Through one period of the semifinal it looked good, as NMU took a 2-0 lead. Then they blew it. No problem, it gives me more travel time to get to Dayton. Then MSU lost. To a team who's best player was suspended for punching a guy in the nuts. SO much for me covering the NCAA tournament. But hey, that leaves my dance card open to sit on my couch and watch wall to wall basketball, right? Well the sucky thing is that now I'm sick. I woke up an hour before the first game Saturday between Duke and GW, and midway through the second half I promptly headed back to bed. My sinuses are stuffed, I have zero energy, and I feel like shit. Some weekend this turned out to be.

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The People's Comments:

Go Cats :(

But the man can bowl a mean 85!!!! Am I right?

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