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My new job

In case you haven't heard...and some of you may not have...I have accepted, and been a part of WIDL-92.1FM "The Coyote" for a week now as their main afternoon disc jockey. So yes, Spike Chiquet has free use of the airwaves from 3-7 pm everyday.

This week is just a test run as I keep adding segments to spice up the show. Hopefully in the coming weeks, things will be a little more kick ass...for now, I'll settle for "playing radio".

So if you are in the area, tune in 92.1FM and make fun of me!



comments (5) 02-23-2006

The People's Comments:

What's the URL for 92.1's forum?

Congrats on the new Job. Now if we can only continue this trend on website and get some people laid on a regular basis as well!

Let see....5 percent of crap pay is...hmmm...OK, I owe you 20 cents!

Dude, could you play some Bulletboys?? "Smooth Up In Ya!!"

I guess on the way to my place in Marlette, I'll start tuning in. BTW: Don't forget my 5% commission.

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