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bad CEO's, whatcha gonna do?

There's this guy in South Florida named Stephen Jordi. Read all about him here.

Now, here's a guy who was plotting to blow up abortion clinics, gay bars, and churches who preaches things he disagrees with, yet he is NOT a terrorist? And here I thought a bombing plot against innocent people by some crazed religious nut would count as terrorism, evidently not. The AP reports that US District Judge James Cohn sentenced Jordi to five years instead of ten because to qualify as a terrorist the plot has to be international in nature. So I guess Tim McVey and Eric Rudolph were NOT terrorists either since they were Americans bombing other Americans. For that matter, using that test would exclude much of Hamas, any IRA members born in Northern Ireland instead of the Republic of Ireland, and the Basque seperatists in Spain. Plus, isn't it a bit troubling that acts of terrorism get you only ten years in the clink? I'm not usually a tough-on-crime type but that seems a bit too light.

America can rest easy tonight as a danger to society has been brought to justice, yes, Ken Lay has been indicted. He turned himself in though, which seems to be incredibly bad form. I mean, come on Kenny boy, make a run for it. I want a piece on you on America's Most Wanted. I want to see you on Cops. In fact, you ought to consider resisting arrest, just so the entire nation can see the Houston police beating the crap out of you. Network TV needs this, Network TV has NOTHING else. Case in point if it weren't for the Tigers-Twins game right now my choices would be limited to Who's Line is it Anyway, North Shore, Friends, and Big Brother. Yippie.

Meanwhile I've gotten an e-mail response to a resume I sent out last week. I had applied for an editor job and got a response from the Executive Producer who informed me of another opening at the station for a photographer (a definate step up). Why can't more people be considerate to job applicants like that? Even better, the job is at a station owned by the same parent company that owns the station I worked for back in the day. Good people.

comments (1) 07-08-2004

The People's Comments:

If Ken Ley is sent to prison,do you think his last name will live up to what he will end up doing with the various inmates? Seriously though, i love sending out resumes. One time I got a response where the guy said not only did they not want me for the job, the fact I hadn't killed myself yet was a great suprise! Why haven't I passed out yet? I'm not that good of a Badminton player.

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