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May 18, 2009

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Aug 14, 2006

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Jul 12, 2006

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Jul 06, 2006

So long ECW
Jul 04, 2006



This is just awesome!



For all of you sort-a homos...SAY NO TO METRO!

Enjoy, I know one sports anchor that needs to check this site out!

comments (2) 01-25-2006

The People's Comments:

I didn't even look at it...I just saw the name and thought it was funny...it's an AD? Damn... Oh, another funny one...GoTrump.com, the new site for "The Donald's" travel agency... of course, it also spells GotRump.com, he he

You posted a Dockers Advertisement?? That's 10 pts towards being Metro man. You can put that in your um.. I believe the site called it a Murse.

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