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The Big News..for me anyway.
Jan 13, 2006

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Jan 10, 2006

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Dec 14, 2005

Dec 09, 2005

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Nov 10, 2005



The Big News..for me anyway.

Lo and behold, I have escaped the bonds of my current employer and will be joining a new company at the end of the month. After 3 years of being expulsed from the garden of eden, I am returning home. Not only home to the Lansing area, but to a job that I really love doing, with a company that is pro-active and not reactive. What new company is this?

This one.

so big changes are now underway, and the darkness that was my increpid life shall soon part like the red sea. Heaven forbid, I get to work an 8-5 job, and leave work at work. Not be measured by 5 different groups daily, with there own criteria and agenda whereby I am the one not doing the job because impossible metrics will never be achieved.

And this is how it went down for your reading pleasure.

These are the way things happened in order things in ( )'s are my personal comments

1. next to last day of Hawaii vacation, get phone call about job opening. Nov 17 (got to get off this island)

2. That weekend get resume sent off on Sunday night to friends Boss. Nov 20

3. get reply from friends boss on the 21 of november, and told may take a few weeks, as job not officially open yet and people on vacation for holidays

4. Dec 15 get a phone call about an interview on the 19th, for job

5. spend all weekend doing as much prep work while still being on call and working, to co-ordinate new resume revision with David and Kristy

6. Go in for interview on the 19th of December. (odd interview, as lots of topics not covered, not even what job pays, could not get a good read on her) told at most 4 weeks to say one way or another, and would call me to let me know if there is a hang up in some way and what is going on etc....

7. sit and wait.

8.Jan 3rd, get an email from an Human Resources person, to go online to Sprint and fill out an electronic background information, and nothing else. (no phone call from anyone, which is making me wonder...cause this costs money to do background checks)

9. Jan 4th, get another email from a different HR person wanting me to do a Drug test within 48 hours. I write back and get one set up for the 5th, (my flex day). So I go do this in Flint. (again no phone call and the expense of them taking on a drug test....making me nervous with no call) So now, home phone is going with me 24/7.

10. Jan 10, get email that has I quote "Please call me at your convenience to discuss the opportunity with ....... Thank you!" (am thinking...oh no.... I just got home at 6 o'clock and this person probably left for day a long time ago)

11. Jan 10, 6:05 pm, make phone call....get voice mail and leave message.....

12. Jan 10, 6:07 pm, make another call (nerves......) she picks up. Conditional offer is being extended, based on drug and background check passing, and wants to set a date to start. I request we set a date as soon as drug and background are ok, HR person agrees with me (tentative time would be anything from Jan 23 onwards) I give her my verbal acceptance and other information. Other stuff is going to be started to be sent via email and mail. (I am just now wound up beyond belief)

13. Jan 10 6:12 pm, call home and speak to father, and then mother....

14. Jan 13 4:15 pm, give notice to bosses as drug and background cleared that morning, setting Jan 27 as last day. (management not too happy, and I imagine did not see this coming and makes their life not so good, so happy cause I got to do this on my terms and after what they have done to me...it is kinda a sweet revenge for a change. They are about to go 1 man down in the workgroup at the end of the month, now its 2 counting me, and they are going to be hard pressed to keep up. See without getting into too much detail, of the 3 in flintola,1 keeps going to lansing all the time because of the manpower shortage there, and the remaining 2, I am one of those, busts arse to keep the service calls under control without much recognisition or help from other areas "lets just see how things go" is the answer I get for help. They basically are skating on the razor edge at my areas expense to put out the greater fire in lansing. Now? no way can they can juggle like that anymore. But enough ranting on work at the old locale, I could fill pages on what is wrong)

15. Jan 13 5:00 pm finish up phone calls to co-workers that I thought deserved to know.

I am on my way back to Lansing.

And that is how it went down.

Lord Lonely
free at last

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Sweet, gald you got out of there, man.

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