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I wish I was funny

Mr. Millen and Mr. Fords,

I am interested in the new head coaching position. I play a lot of Madden, and I think I'd make a great coach. When it's 3rd and 7, I don't call a 6 yd out play, trapping my receivers on the side lines.

In Madden I have turned the Lions into a true Dynasty. They have won 8 straight Super Bowls.

So again, I am pleading with you, for the sake of the Fans of Detroit. Please hire me.

Oh and Mr. Millen if needed I can call Johnnie Morton a Fag.

Thank you for your time,
Justin D. Young

( You too can atleast get some venting there

comments (1) 01-03-2006

The People's Comments:

Aw baloney. You and your "madden prowness". Why if anyone could ever make the lions take 8 super bowls, we would be talking about the other type of bowl filled with ganja. There is NO WAY your beloved game could ever let that happen. Why I bet you promised your PS2 some special loving if it would bend the rules and let the Lions win. So what did you do in return? Probably jacked in your special controller and set the vibration to high. (yeah, the above is real bad, but I credit its crappy content to the raging headache, and a just don't give a damn, so if if this ain't funny, well then you are correct)

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