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I'm watching too much MTV Hits

Justin is a wonderful man and a credit to the human race. Why? Because he has provided me with a great extended cable package and since he is never around I am king of the remote. So in between viewings of indy films on Sundance and "Bad Girls" (the only show where you root for a prison rape to occur) and "Mile High" on BBC, I've been watching a lot of MTV Hits. It brings to mind the heady days of the 80's, when the Tigers were actually good and there was actual music on Music Television.

This month is "Hitlist Month" where various members of the general public, as well as luminaries of music, along with a pair of former Disney Channel actresses who think they can sing, tell the world that they really love Madonna and here's "Vogue."

Some highlights so far. . . .Simple Plan intro's a Black Eyed Peas video with "Fergie's hot." "Yeah, we like boobs."

the "Workout" hitlist which includes Olivia Newton John's "Physical" and David Banner's "Play" neither of which is about physical fitness.

and the Lindsay Lohan hitlist, which someone screwed up royally in editing so that none of the songs she intro'd actually aired. She would wax poetic about how much she loved Madonna, followed by a My Chemical Romance video. I didn't mind this so much, since whoever was actually picking the songs had much better taste in music than she did and instead of enduring some video from the "Herbie" movie she did, we got to see some Weezer.

Enjoy it now, 'cuz next month I'm sure "Mr. Brightside" "Beverly Hills" "I'm not OK (I Promise)" and "Chop Suey" once again leave the airwaves so that MTV Hits can show us more videos from that rolly polly white kid with braces Paul Wall rapping about being from Texas.

comments (3) 12-23-2005

The People's Comments:

I don't like that song.. thanks for getting it stuck in my head?

My humps...he love my lady lumps. God that has to be the worst mainstream hit since "Party All The Time"

mmm... MTV hits, Jams, and VH1 Soul...

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