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The Big News..for me anyway.
Jan 13, 2006

Breaking News!!!
Jan 10, 2006

I am King Kong's Bitch!
Dec 14, 2005

Dec 09, 2005

Listen up you lucky people!!!
Nov 10, 2005




Sources confidential to this reporter are reporting the following breaking news. Someone on this website has undergone a life changing decision and has come forward with the astounding renouncement of bachelorhood for the now "I have a significant other in my life" and will be at least semi to privately to openly public to never say anything about this. The masses here at ground zero are stunned in silence. Said one observer "I never thought I would see the day that ****** would do this!" As another said, "I am of course happy for the now couple, but I can't believe that this wall that ****** had put up is now wide open. That woman has accomplished the impossible. But having observing her even after a short time, I knew that ****** was going to come to his senses." ******'s crazy ole uncle had this to say, "Yep, ****** is a stubborn as they come, but even he knew what was best for him. Better to accept it, and live a happy life, than be like that old codger LordLonely." "*****,*****,*****,*****" ,comes from the joyous crowds gathered today outside *****'s place of residence. The masses will not be denied even by this weather here, as a deafening roar continues to go up whenever the crowd thinks they see movement behind the window. Just hoping beyond hope for a glimpse of the new super couple of ***** and ****, which even now the tabloids are refering to as *******, much like the Bennifer craze. Hold onto your hats folks, ******* is here to stay!!!!!

******SECOND UPDATE************** A second source close to the situation has also confirmed just now the above information as 100% true, and is offering this new tidbit. "***** and **** are planing a news conference where they shall address the media, in an attempt to appease the masses and to restore calm to the mid-michigan area where peace can be re-claimed in the rioting areas. As of yet no time frame has been set, but this may be unneccasary should police gain the upper hand. In the interest of protecting sources, I can not name him/her, but lets just say they know what they are talking about and I hope for more updates through the day as information is breaking from this rapidly developing story. Stay tuned.

comments (5) 12-09-2005

The People's Comments:

all he did was say he was dating.. whats so special about that? You going to jizz your shorts if he ever gets married?

Fair enough, but the site is called; Life With Justin.

And no, I will not be renaming it Life With Justin and Sara.

Twas not a solicitated conversation, and this "person" that divulged this, just blurted it out. Besides, not everything that happens in this world revolves around you crash. As you can see haas has already fessed up and all.

The Lonely one has been talking to someone's sister by the sound of it.

Yeah, but because of the restraining order, I still can't technically be together with my lady friend...thanks for bringing it up though.

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