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The quad firings of Detroit coaches are finally complete it looks like, keep in mind this hasn't been confirmed yet...


Sources have told FOXSports.com that after much speculation and deliberation, the Lions have fired head coach Steve Mariucci.

The same sources said they believe defensive coordinator Dick Jauron would be the team's interim head coach, but that has not yet been confirmed.

It was widely reported on Friday that Mariucci's days in Detroit were numbered, but he managed to last the weekend.

The last straw for Lions management apparently was Detroit's embarrassing 27-7 loss to Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day. Playing before a national television audience, the Falcons took a 27-0 lead into the fourth quarter and were able to sit starting quarterback Michael Vick.

This was supposed to be the season Mariucci got the Lions back on track. Quarterback Joey Harrington was entering his fourth season in the league and the team was loaded with talent at the skill positions.

But after sharing the NFC North lead at 3-3, the Lions have dropped four of their last five games to fall out of the postseason hunt for the sixth straight season.

In his two-plus years in Detroit, Mariucci had a 15-28 record a far cry from the 60-43 mark he had during six seasons in San Francisco.

Mariucci has two more seasons left on a five-year, $25-million contract signed when he was hired in 2003.


Dear Matt Millen,

I would like to apply for the position of head coach for your organization.  For the last four years I have coached the Tom Wopat Fan Club of the FFF, where I have won one world championship and have compiled a winning record.  We also currently lead our league with high hopes of another world title.  If that is not enough, I've also compiled a record of approximately 159-1 over ten seasons of Madden 2005 as your team!  Please give me a chance, talk to all my references, but ignore anything these jackoffs on this website say about me.  Can't wait to hear from you, if you call when I'm not home feel free to leave a message with my mom.


comments (5) 11-28-2005

The People's Comments:

No Glanville for NMU head coach (Hawaii, Marquette... Hawaii, Marquette... tough choice...)... but we did steal Tech's head coach. Sounds like everyone in SE Michigan is on the "Fire Millen" bandwagon. Besides the sign guy at the Lions game, Red Wings fans were chanting "Fire Millen!" a few nights ago and Michigan basketball fans were chanting "Fire Millen!" everytime Delaware State went to the free throw line. Think Ford will get the message? So do I... another contract extension for Millen!

Matt Millen, should hire Coach Young ! This year in the FFF he is 1-10 baby... ! Sounds like a good Lions coach to me !

So now Mooch gets the job he would have rather had, Green Bay, to oversee the rebuilding process once #4 retires. The Lions pick up some other coach who will be no better than any one else they've had since George Wilson, who will bring in their own QB and begin the QB controversy again, and Millen will somehow keep his job despite being totally inept. I'm starting to long for the days of Gary Moeller and Gus Frerotte. At least they were close to making the playoffs back then. Oh, and Jerry Glanville for NMU head coach!!

And in further news...ok rumor...Mooch to the Green and White within the next 8 months... NMU South! Go Spartans!

As seen on another message board:


Millen gets to pick another head coach.

He can't even pick a head of lettuce.