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No, I am not Mr. Excitement !

Honestly people, I'm not Clint. I don't know all about the life of Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005).

But I can say that I think that losing Eddie Guerrero sucks.He seemed like a fun guy.But you can't put your body through as much as that guy did and expect him to live a long life.I think he lived a very fulfilled life. He has three daughters, a loving wife and he had a great career.

He brought smiles to a lot of fan's faces, and gave some fans memories that'll last forever.I think the WWE lost a great talent.He could make bad wrestlers look good.I loved the new storyline he was doing and I think it sucks that'll I don't get to see how the WWE would have fucked it up.

But one thing is for sure Eddie Guerrero will not only be missed by his family and loved ones, but also his fans alike.

Eddie... Eddie... Eddie... *lie, cheat, and steal your way into heaven my friend*

Anyhow, getting to why I'm really writting this.For people that don't pay attention to wrestling at all, it seemed like veryone heard about Eddie's passing, here are some of the converstaions I had.But again, I am not Clint people...


y2j: Have you seen today?

Me: Nope.

y2j: Go look.

Me: Holy shit... thanks man


Me: Dude Eddie Guerrero died last night...

spikechiquet: What?

Me: Yeah it's on, just looked it up on google, take a look.

spikechiquet: thanks man...


My Brother: So Justin have you heard about that wrestler that died... umm.. what was his name?

Me: Eddie Guerrero.

My Brother: Yeah, wow 38 y/o.Steroids?

Me: I'm sure that had something to do with it, maybe it was all the booze, pain killers, or whatever else he abused his body with before he got cleaned up some four years ago.

My Brother: I think I remember that guy.

Me: Yeah, I really liked the new story line he was in.And the guy seemed to be a genuinely good guy.But you can't do what he did to his body and expect to stick around too long.

My Brother: Yeah that's true


datdjrobp: Eddie died?

Me: Yep.

datdjrobp: Man I liked that guy.

Me: Yep.


Random People from work: So I heard that wrestler died, what was his name?

Me: Eddie Guerrero.

Random People from work: You think it was Steroids?

Me: I'm sure they might have played a part in it, along with all the other bad things he's done to his body over the years.

Random People from work: Yep, that'll do it to you.


Random People at Dan's: So that wrestler died, Eddie something...

Me: Guerrero. He seemed like a good guy, I think it's a pretty big loss for fans.

Random People at Dan's: Well that dude was huge, I'm sure he died from Steroids.

Me: I'm not so sure, and he could have gotten that big with out juicing. I'm sure it was all the abuse he's put his body through.He lived a rough life style for a long time.

Random People at Dan's: No you can't.

Me: You are right, I can not, but then again, I sit on my ass all day typing on a keyboard... look at these fingers, they are ROCK solid.

Random People at Dan's: Funny, all those guys use roids.

Me: I thought we were talking about the WWE not the MLB.

Random People at Dan's: Yeah those guys do too...

Me: You don't watch the show do ya?

Random People at Dan's: No that stuff is fake, it's not a real sport.

Me: Correct it's not a sport it's entertainment, and I like my entertainment to be fake thank you.But at least they have enough sense not to call what they do a sport, on like, on lets say (crashnet note: I shouldn’t have really opened this can of worms so after I finish this sentence, I'll spare you the rest of the conversation) NASCAR.


Mom: So I heard some wrestler died at 38. That's kinda young.

Me: Yeah we Eddie Guerrero really did abuse his body a lot for years.

Mom: Anyhow, you want to come over for dinner Friday, your dad's going to be home...


Programming Consultant: So I might actually watch RAW, you know to see what they do for Eddie.

Me: Yeah, I'll see it Friday, when I get home.I hope the WWE takes the high road, when's the last time you saw RAW?

Programming Consultant: I don't think I watched it when it was RAW, I haven't seen wrestling since the mid 80's.

Me: So why watch RAW now then?

Programming Consultant: Well it's been on the news all day.So I figured what the hell.Sucks he died from Steroids.

Me: I'm not so sure that's the only thing that killed him, I'm sure it's been the abuse his body has taken over the years.

Programming Consultant: Naa... I'm going with the roids.


HelpDesk Guy:Did you hear they had to break into his hotel room?

Me: Yeah, his brother or cousin, something like that.

HelpDesk Guy: Yeah, that would suck.I haven't watched wrestling for a about a year, I always liked Eddie.

Me: Yeah, he's always been good at what he does, I remember when they all jumped ship for WCW to WW(F) at that point.

HelpDesk Guy: What?

Me: Never mind.Anyhow, I guess you keep getting a lot of local news on it, eh?

HelpDesk Guy: Yeah, seeing how it was just down the street from here.

Me: His storyline was one of the few I was getting into.

HelpDesk Guy: Oh yeah?What were they doing...


So yeah, even people who had no clue about the WWE all knew that some guy died of Steroids, and there was no way to tell them, it probably was just that his body shut down after years of abuse.At least they gave him the belt as he so deserved.He should have had it longer, but you know the WWE...

comments (2) 11-17-2005

The People's Comments:

I've been trying to figure out what exactly to write all week about this, and I still can't figure out what to write exactly. This was some of the shittiest news I've ever woken up to when I read about it Sunday morning. I'm tired of reading about this shit every six months or so, I hope this is the last time I read about a wrestler dying young for a long long time, but sadly I think it's not. Eddie was definitely one of my favorites, for many many years now. I hadn't seen much Smackdown lately, but he was back in the World Title picture, and had one last feud with his close friend Rey Misterio. I'm going to miss seeing him having new matches, but he left behind some great memories. And on an attempt to end this on a somewhat humorous (yet sad) note...Eddie Guerrero is dead...but JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS IS STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!!! WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP TWISTED GOD ALLOWS GUYS LIKE EDDIE AND CHRIS CANDIDO TO DIE YOUNG AFTER KICKING THEIR HABITS, BUT JAKE THE SNAKE IS STILL ALIVE TO TALK ABOUT TRYING TO KILL HIMSELF ON HIS DVD.

I'm pissed at myself for not watching a second of Smackdown for like the last six months, I had no idea what was going on him on the show anyway, except for the stuff Clint would tell me...Anyway those conversations were on par with the one me and Carson had on Sunday, I think it went something like CARSON: Yeah this sucks...ME: Yeah what the hell's Smackdown gonna do now? Christian quits, Batista gets hurt and now THIS?

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