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Some random thoughts about a bunch of useless sports stuff...(i'm bored at work and no one else is here)

So it turns out the World Series was the lowest rated series in the history of the universe...even lower than that thrilling Rockford Peaches/Toledo Mudhens classic from 1964.  I probably watched a total of three minutes of the whole series, but that's probably due to my apathy towards baseball in general these days.  It's NOT due to the fact that I only had like six wins in Sicotte's fantasy baseball league this year, so don't even ask me about that crap.  I'm just glad The O.C. will be back soon.

So WNBA player Cheryl Swoops is gay.  Who gives a frick?  She said she didn't want to hide her true self anymore.  Fine, but why did she have to hide in the first place?  Was she worried that the bigger, tougher lesbians in the WNBA would kick her ass in the showers or something?  She isn't even the first well-known athlete to come out, as big stars such as Pudge Rodriguez, Ron Artest, and wrestler C-Deezy Fa Sheezy have recently shown.

The Red Wings are off to an awesome 10-1 start, and goalie Manny Legace has already broken a record by winning ten games in one month.  How long can this possbily continue?  Isn't the average team age like 54?  Or is that just Chelios?  How about letting Mike Babcock go and banking everything on Federov, eh Mighty Duck fans?  (or just Brandon)

The BCS rankings now have Texas over USC...fine, whatever.  But I've been hearing some interesting scenarios and provided they actually happen, we could have yet another reason to complain about college football's system of deciding champions.  Let's say the rankings stay pretty much the same, with Texas over USC the rest of the season even if they both win out...but let's say another unbeaten team like Virginia Tech, Georgia or Alabama wins out too.  With Va Tech's schedule they still gotta play Miami and the ACC championship, and the SEC's so strong this year that if Georgia or Alabama wins out they still gotta face tough competition.  So it could come down to one of those teams getting the #2 slot and USC could wind up not even playing for the national title!!  Despite winning every game for the past 47 years.  Probably won't happen, but it is possible.  

Note:  the following information might only be interesting to me, Justin, Carson, Ingles, CW, and Sicotte

So the new PS2 Smackdown game just got a hell of lot more interesting, as they announced that they will include something that sounds almost as good as the multi-player season mode that we all loved and spent entire years playing in "Smackdown 2."  There's gonna be a GM mode, which will be multi-player!  You can control one show, your buddy can control the other.  Whoever can get the most ratings after a year wins.  You put together a list of wrestlers, including your own created guys, and with a budget you control the matches of each show, and there will be times when guys jump ship from show to show, so you could end up fighting each other at a big ppv.  Looks like those long ass weekends at Justin's might be back in a few weeks, provided Justin is sick of having sex with actual women and stuff.

God my life sucks.  

comments (3) 10-28-2005

The People's Comments:

Actually, my album hasn't come out yet.

I have to agree with you Haas, the World Series was about as fun as watching my ex-wife's cats vomit on my new couch and then watching my dog eat it up because I was too lazy to clean up after them. It's cool the White Sox ended an 88-year drought, but hey, I'm in the same boat, I haven't had any girly action in about the same time frame!! As for the ratings, I believe 'Saved by the Bell, The College Years' received a better prime time share, or maybe that was 'Hanging with Mr. Cooper' I can't remember. Now I can go back to watching the O.C. as well, but I have to tell you, MTV's 'Laguna Beach' is really heating up with the whole Jason and L.C. thing!!

And I wasn't going to by SD dammit, looks like I'm going to have too...

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