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I love a parade, I'm just not IN LOVE with it

Before I begin, there's one sarcastic remark I have to get out of my system. Ahem.

I can't believe that 'Crossing Over' guy is gonna be Vice President.

We now return you to our normal program. Meanwhile, to answer a rhetorical question asked on All Things Considered this afternoon, there have been five previous cases of a Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate having the same first name. In 1864 the Dems nominated George McClellan and George Pendleton. In 1916 the GOP put forth Charles Hughes and Charles Fairbanks. The other cases are kind of out there, but in 1912 and 1916 the Dems put forth Thomas Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Marshall. (Yes, his real first name was Thomas.) Also in 1824 the winning ticket was John Quincy Adams and John Calhoun but there were a lot of shenanigans that year so it may not count. It should be noted however that the 1824 ticket represented Mass. and one of the two Carolinas with a pair of guys named John, much like this year.

Parade notes: I had the misfortune of sitting behind a trio of rowdy kids who all but tackled my neices on their way to the candy being tossed out. What made things worse was the folks behind them egging them on, telling them to be more aggressive and get further out into the street. My sister's kids stayed fairly close to the curb and got just as much candy. Does that tell you something about your ultra-competitive strategy kids? Also people took dogs to the parade, and the dogs all barked at each other, then cowered when the fire trucks showed up at the end. Did their owners not realize that maybe a siren would hurt a dog's ultra-sensitive ears? Please folks, don't take your dogs to a parade, and if you do take your kids, tell them they can get candy without throwing elbows.

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