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Nov 02, 2006

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Our Lady Peace's new album
Sep 08, 2005



Our Lady Peace's new album

In case anyone was wondering, and I know nobody really is, Our Lady Peace, or Our Lady Piece of Shit or Our Lady of Peace or whatever, released their sixth studio album on Aug. 30 entitled 'Healthy in Paranoid Times.' I, being a HUGE follower of the band since the 'Naveed' and 'Clumsy' days, am not impressed all at by this Bob Rock (who also produced a Metallica and Motley Crue album as well) severly over-edited, subdued, cutie pie jelly bean junior high record. What happened to this band? These guys used to be fucking awesome live, like the time I saw them drunk off my ass on St. Joesph Island in 1999, but now them seem lost with their new non-Canadian guitar player Steve Mazaur, who's actually from Detroit. I guess you shouldn't blend a Michigan dude with three Ontario dudes, or vice versa!! Anyway, it's just not the same, Raine's lyrics are now almost too desperate, politically charged and forced, Jeremy's typically awesome drumming is overshadowed by Steve's guitar and I don't what the hell they were thinking when they recorded 'World on a String.' What was that, a Weezer wannabe song?? I don't know, I know a lot of you could care less about this group, but being a fan for 13 years and listening to their new album was a huge letdown, kind of like when I discovered the girl I was kind of seeing has the HPV virus. YOWSERS!!!!! Even the dual disk DVD portion was a disappointment, after watching the DVD, you can just tell these guys are on the verge of being done. Seems to be no chemistry at all. Well, enough of this rant, I guess I'll just call that girl back with the HPV virus, is that something that's contagious??

comments (3) 09-08-2005

The People's Comments:

Bob Rock has ruined many a band in his day, once again another decent band ruined by his being the producer. Bob Rock has produced more shit than me after the Godfather's pizza buffet.

7M3... their career's going so we well that they played at Upfront in Marquette last Sunday.

Whoa, I think that was the most in-depth analysis of an Our Lady Peace album I've ever seen!! That puts to shame anything Rolling Stone could ever do these days. Maybe I'll try something like that with 7 Mary 3, if you know, they're still alive and stuff.

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