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Fall TV

What to watch on TV this summer:
Veronica Mars re-runs...
What to watch this fall:
Veronica Mars
I may have converted Carson, Eric's iffy on it, but Kristen Bell (Veronica on the show) is the hottest '16'-year old on TV (she's actually 24).
Other's that I will be glued for:
Lost - what (or who) is in the hatch, what happened to the Latino hottie? What's up with that black kid (hell, we ask that question on this board...)
Monday Night RAW - OK maybe not, mainly because you know HHH will shove his beak back down our throats....again
TNA Impact! - The show I will be watching while TiVoing the other wrestling event...why? Samoa Joe (clapclap, clapclapclapclap...THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!)
Smackdown - Will never see it live, football fridays mean TiVo Saturdays
The OC & One Tree Hill - Just kidding, I'm not Haas...
The Office - I may watch, probably not...but I hear it's funny
Smallville - Cause Superman is cool and Chole Sullivan (allison Mack) is hot, plus it's 'the college years' and you know how that worked out for Zach, Screech and the gang!
It's kinda sad, so many shows went by the wayside with promise...
1) CBS' The Clubhouse (baseball show with Dean Cain and Doc from Christopher Lloyd)
 - Now showing the episodes that didn't air on HDNet, this show had promise, it revolved around Jeremy Sumpter (the kid that played Peter Pan in the newest movie version) being a bat boy for the New York Empires, good camios (Billy Dee Williams (Lando) as a former Empire), plus a very hot chick, now on General Hospital, named Kristen Storms
2) ABC' life as we know it (aka, My So Called Life Part II)
- teen angst show with hotties in it. One kid was boinking his teacher and it revolved around the 3 guys (one of them played hockey, made me like it more) instead of just one chick (Angela Chase (with the stunning and beautiful Claie Danes) in MSCL). Mom was fucking the hockey coach, dad (played by D.B. Sweeney) flipped out and started fucking her best friend...the only negative? Kelly Osbourne was one of the 3 main guys girlfriends...but at least they made it funny, he had a thing for fats chicks
3) Enterprise (aka, the latest Star Trek show)
- Dropped by UPN, which sucked. And no, I am not a trekkie by any stretch of means, it was a good sci-fi show. Yes I missed many tie-ins with older ST shows, but it was a good way to kill 44 minutes (gotta love TiVo!), plus the Vulcan chick (Jolene Blaylock) was HOTTTT! It lasted four seasons, so I guess I can't complain, but they had at least one more year in them...

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The People's Comments:

I don't watch One Tree Hill goddamnit!! I don't even know what that is. I'm glad they decided to bring back Veronica Mars this season though, I've seen a couple of episodes and it is really good. But you know it's not a good idea to think of her as 16 when you beat off.

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