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Tonight's the night

I'm sure y'all noticed that it was a crisp, cool 65 degress today, so you know that got me thinking about one thing and one thing only...FALL BABY!!  The undisputed king of all seasons, the annual autumn wonders will soon be upon us all, and it cannot get here fast enough for this loser, I'll tell you that much.  So walking the 6.5 miles back to my car after work today got me totally in the mood for the fall and every great thing it brings with it.  So I'll make a little list of things we can all look forward to in a month or so: 

-Pro football

-College football

-Fantasy Football

-Cider Mills

-Raking leaves for old people, and then robbing them blind

-Evening bonfires

-More specifically, evening bonfires that don't include e-coli poisoning and/or rape

-The new fall TV season...I know I can't wait to watch...uhh...West Wing is still on, right?

-McDonald's own fall classic, the infamous 'Touchdown Burger.'  I would like to once again request the area of southeastern Michigan be blessed with this tasty sammich...I don't care if we're 600 miles away from Green Bay, I want to eat a fucking Towndown Burger!

-The beautiful fall colours, and the way the leaves look on the ground next to all the sidewalk vomit


So there you go, enjoy the upcoming season.  I know every year I put my suicide plans on hold just for these next few magical months.  And before I end this yes I do realize we live in Michigan, so it'll likely be in the 90's next week and there'll be a week in late September where it'll get up to 102, but other than that I'm as excited as my ex-girlfriend after she won that 'Fattest Frontal Ass' competition last year.

comments (4) 08-22-2005

The People's Comments:

beautiful fall colors? evening bonfires?

Sounds a cry for a party, if I have ever heard one.

Thanks for clearing that up, Dave.

beautiful fall colors? evening bonfires? is this the first step to you comming out of the closet?

Excuse me haas.. but 'Fattest Frontal Ass' is now called a 'FUPA' or Fat Upper Pussy Area. Thank you,

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