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Nov 29, 2011

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Nov 27, 2011

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Oct 11, 2010

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Oct 01, 2010



My second time trying hash

My buddy Russ has left the country to take a teaching position in Qatar, but, before he left, we went on another hash, this time on the streets of Ann Arbor. For those that don't remember, a hash is essentially orienteering with beer... and with water for us non-alcoholics... and the occasional cock for people like Justin.
There were a few things about this hash that were different from the one in Ithaca. First, the crowd was larger, with about 25 people on the run. Second, it was a 'live' hash, meaning that the trail was being set while we were getting started. Third, the trail markings were sometimes very well-hidden; we spent about ten minutes at the START going the wrong direction, and then spent another fifteen minutes shortly after that looking in several directions for a marking, only to discover it on a tiny tree stump. And, finally, we had to go a LOT farther for our first 'beer near'. I'd estimate that, with the false trails, we probably ran three miles without a drop.

The best part for me was the ribbing that Russ received during the run. You see, he has this unfortunate habit of urinating publicly while on trail. Well, the first time he whips it out, one of the guys says to him, 'You know, you can get surgery to make that clitoris look like a real dick.' And the comments didn't let up from that, but that's indicative of the level of discourse for this sort of thing.

For the record, I did ask datdjrobp if he really thought he could 'handle a little jog in the woods with some drinky drink,' but he begged off. Rumor has it that he was at Justin's for the weekend for some sort of attempted reconciliation; you'll have to ask him how that went. Life With Justin: cdeezy's wittier than you are

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