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More from the local paper. The columnist come Woden's Day is none other than the owner, Rick Rockman. Though he leans conservative, he is not afraid to call out those on his own side who misbehave. Today he suggests that Michael Moore should move to another country. I know Justin thinks I exagerate when I say conservatives have suggested emigration, but here it is.

This has been a popular theme the last couple years, disagree with the President and you ought to leave. Strangely no one in the TC Times suggested this when a Democrat was in the White House. The piece goes on to suggest this shouldn't just apply to Flint-area filmmakers, but everyone, since evidently no difference of opinion is allowed in this country. Rockman does make a point I agree with 100%. He rails against politicians who vote by strict party lines no matter what the issue. Right on.

Managed to see a pair of reality shows tonight, and both completely suck. 'Next Action Star' somehow forgets that reality shows are suposed to eliminate the need for actors by throwing a bunch of really bad actors into a room. I think I saw better acting on MTV's putrid show 'Undressed' (the show that made sex boring). Then there's 'Ultimate Love Test.' I am rooting for everyone to fail.

I also got a call from the US Department of Education today suggesting I may want to pay back those student loans at some point. If the government wants it's money so bad maybe they should hire me.

comments (2) 07-11-2004

The People's Comments:

You are a smart, smart man Ingles! If it was socially acceptable, I'd make ye my wife. I don't want to sound queer or nothin', but I think you got a really nice backside. Why the flip haven't I passed out yet?


First and foremost... 'Undressed' wasn't that bad of a show. It had it's times of greatness, next time you are over Eric I'll show you the stills.

But Eric you use these words 'all', 'every', and 'they always' those words make your statements false. Yet, again you are reading the editorial section. You tell me that it's the actual news that says these things.

I fully admit that I do say that the folks looking for universal healthcare, higher minimum wage and other social safety nets should at least for a time move to say Canada. Why do I say this? Because then they'll learn the follies of what that does to economies. You bitch, Eric, that you can not find a job; well, check out Canada's 7.1% unemployment, or France's 9.1% or Germany's 9.2% maybe you can find a job there (those were all 2003 numbers). I guess out 6.2% doesn't look so bad.

But don't forget I also say move the f* out of here if you want to censor things that I pay for ie Entertainment. You don't like my video games? Don't play them. You don't like me going to the strip club? Then don't come with me. But more on Senator Orrin Hatch later.

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