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Open Letter to the PTC

I read this quote today:
'I tip my cap to that first step of showing responsibility,' said Tim Winter, the council's executive director. 'Phase two needs to be absolutely getting to the bottom of this coding issue. How did it get into that game? How did it get past the ratings board?'
Seeing how Mr. Winter is confused to these answers, I thought... Hey I can answer them. I like to be helpful so here's your answers Mr. Winter.
How did it get into that game?
It was written by a programmer.  Most likely it was created to be put into the game, however I'm guessing that RockStar thought it was a bit too over the top. And did not include the code to be able to access it from the game.
How did it get past the ratings board?
The board rates games based on content of actual game play. Basing it on the code itself it would be like the MPAA rating movies rating movie content by what made it onto the cutting room floor.
Now, from what I've heard about this mod is that you'd have to willfully download the mod to unlock this cut scene.  Then on top of that you'd have to willfully apply this patch.  This would be a like the nake patch for 'The Sims.'
Seeing how this game is already rated M-17+, should a child be playing this game?  I think if you really want to call yourself the PTC, shouldn't you be more worried about the parents letting their kids play this game?
Now my question for Mr. Winter; should all software products carry a rating?
I ask this because you could potently crack Microsoft Word's code.  And when doing so, will unlock inappropriate language.  Like 'Fuck,' 'Shit,' and 'Cock.'  Does that teach our kids that if you want to work for a great company like Microsoft you need to learn to swear like a sailor?
I hope Mr. Winter can answer my question.
Hey wait, I one more question:  Was GTA a kids' game before the cracked cut scene?
Seeing how I'm a helpful guy I'll answer it. I now know that Mr. Winter has been having a hard time answering simple questions.  The answer: No 'Fucking' Way.
I didn't want to swear, but I think it's the only way I'd be able to get a job with a great company like Microsoft.
Thank you,
Rev. Justin D. Young
Clio, Michigan

comments (2) 07-21-2005

The People's Comments:

Yes folks step right up and see the great 'punster' c - deezy !

Reading this made me spill my hot coffee.

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