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Check the Facts

Have you ever heard of this right-winged extremist bill: HR 3717?

Maybe the name of 'Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004' might help.  Well they are one in the same.

This would be the bill that the congress is trying to pass to jack up the max charge the FCC can hand out to $500,000 from $27,000 for each offence.
Here are the details.

I have been told that this bill pass because it was 'hidden in a military appropriation bill' as you can read by the link provided, that isn’t so much of the truth.  That exact bill also has yet to pass the Senate. Fact the Senate passed a bill for $750k per and not more then $3mill a day.  I have been told that it was $1 million per offence, that also proved to be false.  But that last part that proves to be false is that it’s a right-winged bill.  To prove that false you need to look no further then here.  That link is the Roll Call Votes for the bill in the House.   As you will see all but roughly 19% of the Democrats voted in favor of this “right-winged extremist bill”

So I guess, what this is all about it.  When you listen to talk radio do you also take what they say for fact, or are you like me, and check it out?  My guess if you are like most of the folks out there, you take that kind of fiction for fact.

I should mention by the way that I am NOT in favor of this bill. But I'm in favor of facts and not hearsay

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