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I know it's been a pattern on here for me to complain about the music scene these days, or lack thereof, but I was thinking this morning during my daily uncontrollable crying session that there's actually been a lot of great music released so far this year...hell, just this summer in fact.  So I present some brief reviews of all the new stuff out there that's worth buying or downloading or whatever you're into.

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor   Dave Grohl actually appears on an album with his own band!  After approximately 300 appearances in the last few years on other records, Grohl and fellow fighters of foo return for a huge double-album set, one disk of 'heavy rock' and one disk of 'softer stuff.'  Both disks are okay, although not as good as their heyday albums The Colour and the Shape and There's Nothing Left To Lose.  There's plenty of good stuff here though, although for continuity they should've named it In Your Honour.  B-

Weezer - Make Believe   I'll admit I haven't listened to this one more than a couple of times, but I love the first single 'Beverly Hills.'  'Hold Me' and 'This Is Such A Pity' are also great, and the latter features some heavy duty 80's style synthesizers like groups such as The Strokes and Sahara Hotnights have been using more of lately.  All I can say about this one so far is that it's a typical Weezer album, not as good as Pinkerton, but few albums are.  B

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth  Trent Reznor returns after about a 28 year hiatus with some good old fashioned industrial rock that the kids all love so much.  This is one of those albums that get better after repeated listenings, and there are some bona-fide NIN classics here, but after listening to this you have to wonder why a 40 year old guy is still this angry and disillusioned?  It couldn't be because he needs money, could it?  Well whatever the inspiration it's a great album, kinda like a condensed version of his double-disk, double-boring record The Fragile.  B+  

Nikka Costa - Can'tneverdidnothin   Someone explain this one to me:  Dance/Pop?  Popular with heavy radio airplay.  Lenny Kravitz?  Popular with heavy radio airplay.  A Dance/Pop record featuring Lenny Kravitz?  Nothing.  You might need to search to find this one, but it's worth it.  2nd album from soulful Costa finds her singing her perverbial low-rider-covered ass off with catchy melodies and killer guitar riffs from Mr. Kravitz...and you gotta love the first track 'Till I Get To You' where she basically runs through the entire alphabet of guys she's fucked, only to show she hasn't found the one yet.  I can't even get to letter A.   B+   

Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm    Another great album from Mann, she's jumped on the Green Day inspired 'concept album' that tells a story complete with characters and plots and whatnot.  This one's about an alcoholic boxer that struggles to put his life back together.  Therefore, most of these songs sound very similar, but they're all good so it doesn't matter.  I usually don't pay a lot of attention to the lyrics anyway, so Aimee could write a song describing her recepe for Chicken A La King and I wouldn't give a shit, as long as it's catchy.  And in Mann's case it always is.  A-

Garbage - Bleed Like Me  My choice for comeback album of the year, this one came out of nowhere, as I didn't even know these guys were still together.  But they rock harder than ever here, and grunge goddess Shirley Manson sounds better than ever.  The title track is both creepy and beautiful.  Features Dave Grohl on drums.  There's a shock.  A-

Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze   With these guys I'm not sure it's possible to make an album better than Songs For The Deaf, but they come close here, with great singles like 'Little Sister' and 'In My Head.'  They also played with a cowbell-playing Will Ferrell on SNL, so that's something.  Suprisingly DOESN'T feature Dave Grohl on drums.  A-

Beck - Guero  Some of you may know my thoughts on Beck...the guy's simply the greatest fucking musician on the planet!  And that includes the guy from Dead or Alive!  Beck could make a polka album sound cool, and his habit of making every album completely different from each other is awesome.  This one's more of a lo-fi, hip-hop danceable rock-type album, if that makes any sense.  The single 'E-Pro' is insanely catchy, as is the title track, which features the epic line 'Hey let's go to town to get the new Yanni cassette!'  Someone told me 'Guero' is spanish slang for 'white guy.'  In case you were wondering.  A

The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan  You may have heard mixed reviews on this one...some calling it a modern classic already, while others saying it's way too different from their last two albums.  After listening to it a few times, I'll lean towards the former.  You gotta love Jack White, who has the balls to record an entire album and hardly even use a damn guitar!  This one falls under the 'Led Zeppelin 3' category, where it's so different from the norm you just have to keep listening to appreciate what the Whites are doing here.  Meg sounds cooler than ever, and Jack sure does play a mean marimba.  Never thought you read that in an album review eh?  That's why this album kicks about six different types of ass.  A

System of a Down - Mesmerize   Never actually hearing an entire album by these guys before, I didn't know what to expect.  After ONE listen, I can tell you without exaggeration this is the greatest album of the year.  It's heavy, fast, loud, and epic.  Singer Serj Tankian and guitarist Daron Malakian harmonize as if they're freaking Freddie Mercury and Brian May.  And the greatest thing is this is just the first album of a planned double-album, the 2nd being released later this year.  I'm already standing in line for that one.  A+

Kelly Osbourne - Sleeping in the Nothing   After classic songs like 'Shut Up' and 'Papa Don't Preach' talented musician Kelly Osbourne returns with a improved, mature set of new material.  She keeps getting better with each album.  F+

Johnny Chlamydia & The Open Sores - Itchin' For You   Another great album from these guys, although the first single 'I'm Tested' is probably the most disgusting song I've ever heard.  B

There you go, run out and buy them all!  Trade with friends! 


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The People's Comments:

Since the Live 8 rant is off the page, apparently so many fans complained to MTV and VH1 about their crappy coverage that the stations teamed up today and is airing 10 hours of commercial free FULL performances. Wish I'd of known sooner so I could have taped it. VH1's airing from 10am to 3pm, MTV from 3pm to 8pm.

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