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My first time trying hash

This past weekend I took a road trip out to Ithaca, NY, to congrat my old high school buddy Russ on his newly=acquired doctorate in mathematics and to celebrate his 30th birthday. I used the trip as an excuse to swing by three separate Steve & Barry's locations, although I still have yet to find the elusive Penn State merchandise. Methinks I will have to make a trip to Scranton, with a back-up plan for State College, PA.

During my visit, Russ invited me to join him in an activity that just might be of interest to loyal LifeWithJustin visitors. (And I don't mean ''gay sex'', which is mostly interesting to Justin.) It's called a ''hash'', and it involves beer and exercise. Seriously.

Here's the gist: A trail is pre-marked in advance by someone called a ''hare''. The hare not only marks the trail (usually with flour), but also marks false tracks and gathering points AND is responsible for the beer. Once the group is gathered, our job is to follow the trail as best we can, all the while looking for the next ''BN'' sign, as ''BN'' stands for ''Beer Near''. The trail I ran was about three miles long, with beer and water every mile, and took me through woods, along a beach, across a river (twice), through a park, and along a stretch of New York highway. I made the mistake of running without my glasses, so I had some trouble seeing the trail marks.

Once the run is over, everyone gathers around for a series of hash-related drinking games which include bawdy songs and vigorous drinking, since whatever's in your cup when it's your turn either ends up in you or on you. Those that have been on multiple hashes eventually get a hash name, which almost always refers to some embarrassing episode. For example, Russ' hash name is ''Three Times A Weenie.'' Other names that were present included ''Pussy Pong'' and ''Bitch Where's My Hand Job''. Yeah, you don't want to know.

I'll probably try one of the local hashes at some point this summer, but I don't know who I'd take with me. Most people I know could probably handle the drinking, but not the running. I'm thinking that maybe only Justin could handle it, what with not having a soul and all.

comments (4) 07-08-2005

The People's Comments:

Eh, that marathon wasn't any time recently. But, yeah, a couple of these and you'd be a pro like Justin at a gay pride parade... not that there's anything wrong with that.

So the guy who ran a marathon couldn't handle a little jog in the woods with some drinky drink? I feel slighted.

Rob's the one that said you were gay. I just said you were into gay sex.

So let me see here. In this little write up, I'm gay and I have no soul. I'll go with the no soul, but gay... no sir, you sucked MY dick.

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