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Jan 13, 2006

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Jan 10, 2006

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Dec 14, 2005

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Nov 10, 2005



A real apology

By now those of you that would of read this, know that I initiated probably the worst violation of my friend Jennifer. Every year or so I pull a bonehead thing with her and get into trouble.  It is never really bad trouble, just the stuff that I can usually just do a shuck and jive, and things are quickly forgiven.

But not today. As the impact of what I did has sunk in, I have risked or destroyed the friendship of one of the few friends I have left in this world. Joking around about sticking it on the website of Justin's was one thing, following through on it was not a good idea, it was the worst.

For one of the things Jennifer has always said of our friendship, 'for all the things and years of stuff that has gone on, it is amazing that it has held up' Time and time again, other comments like that, or other variations were said, and I have just violated all those years in the blink of an eye.

I take full 100 percent accountability, placing any and all blame, solely at my feet, where it belongs.

I am sorry, but that probably is not going to be enough, nor anything else in the world will rectify that.

Andrew Follett

comments (1) 07-07-2005

The People's Comments:

I will not let Andy take the full blunt of this, I could have used better judgement and asked my sister.

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