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I can't believe they cut these guys!

So the WWE has gone on a cost-cutting binge, dropping about 20 wrestlers and personalities from their roster. I can't say that I'm surprised about the cutting, especially given that they're losing money on the TV deal with USA, but I am surprised by some of the specific cuts.

Let's start with the Dudleys, all three of them. I guess I should have seen it coming, seeing as they've been off television for months now. Their act had become a bit stale, but to me, it seems like they would be fresh and ready to go now, especially since WWE NEEDS tag teams (and not necessarily of the ''we have two singles guys who aren't doing anything, so let's throw them together!'' variety). Hopefully they'll be able to keep their names and move on somewhere else. As a side note, right now I can say that I saw their last WWE match, even if it was at an ECW show.

Another guy who's been released that actually makes me happy is ''Mr. Excitement'' C.W. Mayher. Sure, the guy is losing a steady paycheck, but I think this is going to be a blessing in disguise, sort of like Shane Douglas being released. Just think of the dollars Mr. Excitement will draw on the indy circuit facing guys like Samoa Joe or in Japan against Mike Awesome and Jamal. Hell, I remember when he debuted in the then-WWF, regularly going to 15-minute house show draws with Rikishi. I'd pay to see them renew their feud. Plus there was always this feeling that the WWE didn't know how to properly market Mr. Excitement (anyone remember the Clint WK debacle?). He might not fit into the WWE's idea of sports entertainment, but he sure as hell fits my bill for entertaining wrestling.

Speaking of entertaining, I'm disappointed that C-Deezy fa Sheezy was let go. I mean, we're talking about a multiple-time WWE Cruiserweight, Tag Team, Intercontinental, and WWE title holder here. I know that he hasn't been able to go like he could before his knee surgery (and they never did pay off that storyline with Billy Armbarr. I'm just sayin', is all) but he still has name value that could be used to put over some of the younger talent like Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. They wouldn't even have to have him wrestle every night; they could put him in a quasi-manager type role like Ric Flair and keep his experience on the roster. Seriously, why anyone would cut C-Deezy but keep a soulless stiff like Crashnet on the roster is beyond me. Don't be surprised if he pops up in TNA instead of signing a ''WWE Legends'' deal.

Anyway, the rumor is that there are even more cuts coming today, so I'll probably post another blog tonight or tomorrow.

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The People's Comments:

Huge Smallcock was cut a couple of years ago after a disappointing debut capped by a PPV loss to a much smaller wrestler. I understand that he's now retired and selling work uniforms for a living.

On a related note, Repulsive Cunt posed for Hustler and appeared on a season of ''The Surreal Life'' but has been off the radar for some time.

Is there any word on the future of Huge Smallcock?

I can't believe they actually cut Mr Excitement CW Mayher! I mean sure he's not the most sound technical wrestler around, but I actually thought he could beat El Dandy in that grueling 15 hour long contest for the World Pudginess Championship. But then again, who am I to doubt El Dandy?

And CrashNet kept his job because ... well he's just better then cdeezy. :)

I heard the only reason Billy Armbarr kept his job is because he had an affair with Lita.

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