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Time fades away

So MTV couldn't possibly screw up footage of an all-day concert, right?  RIGHT?

I had nothing to do yesterday...shocking I know...so I decided to watch a little of Live 8, a ginormous series of concerts around the world to promote awareness of hunger in Africa, as well as hunger in anorexic skanks like Destiny's Child and Madonna.  I actually felt somewhat excited before the show started, because it was a big ass show and that meant MTV would HAVE to show some music finally.  I then realized most of the acts performing were talented musicians like Will Smith, Jay-Z, Puffy Wheat, and Maroon 5.  But I tuned in anyway. 

An hour into it I realized they maybe showed like 4 minutes of actual music.

Then another hour goes by and I got maybe 6 minutes.  It was awesome.  They were also doing the typical MTV-patented move of showing the first 1:30 of a song and then cutting to some asshole talking about how great that performance just was.  Then they cut to two more assholes talking about what a great spectacle the concert was...for fifteen minutes, then they cut to some assneck talking to people in the crowd about how great the show was and reminding us about the cause, then they cut to some intern assrod interviewing great musicians like Jimmy Fallon and Ashton Kutcher.  Then commercials.  Lots of them.

So I decide to do other stuff, and by that I mean nothing, but I wasn't really watching the concert anymore.  Occassionally I would tune back in to see what was going on, usually involving lots of talking about some supposed music being played somewhere nearby.  I think Green Day was out in Berlin and played some good stuff, and I think the guys from Pink Floyd had all their dads come out and play a set, so that's cool.  Other than that I'm not really sure what happened.  Apparently not much.  Maybe they want us all to buy the goddamn DVD's when they come out.  Or MTV just really really hates actual music.

It's okay though, they showed a real bitchin' episode of Viva La Bam afterwards, so that's cool.

comments (2) 07-03-2005

The People's Comments:

On the plus side, VH1 and MTV say they're going to air about ten hours worth of uninterrupted Live 8 performances this weekend because of all the complaints they got about the coverage. Of course, they'll probably skip the Joss Stone performance. Bastards.

As a side note, I didn't actually watch any of the live Live 8 coverage, but y2j's description of it as ''like listening to Darryl Cross on UPX'' was probably dead-on. Nice guy, but trying to listen to his show made me want to toss my radio through my window. No, really, I tossed my radio through my window once trying to listen to his show.

It was like listening to Darryl Cross on UPX. VH1 was same. In fact, both MTV and VH1 aired the same feed (same people cutting in during the songs and whatnot). Not sure which side actually produced the show or if it was a joint venture. In any case, whoever thought it would be a great idea to interrupt every GOOD song should be shot. I kept reading how up in Canada and overseas they showed the concert uninterrupted. Leave it to MTV and VH1 to screw this one up. Trying to watch this concert pissed me off more than making me want to do something to help Africa. Oh, you missed out on the amazing Brad Pitt speech. Why couldn't they cut him off?

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