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Send me out with a live truck. . .

. . .and the live truck aint coming back. Last week some major storms hit the area and I went out in the field with one of our reporters to chase them around and look for any damage. After a couple hours of this we thought it might be a good idea to feed some of this video back, so we pulled over, fired up the live truck. . .and two minutes later the generator died. Now the generator powers the dish controls so we had a dish pointing up and no way of getting it back down, which is how it has to be to drive the thing, unless you want to hit a bridge or a power line. We had to call the station, wait for someone to pick us up, then head back out there to meet our cheif photographer who had an adapter that plugs into a car cigarette lighter which we used to bring the dish down.

Fast forward to today, and my next live truck experience. We head up to the Saginaw city council meetings (which are always exciting in a makes-you-lose-faith-in-local-government-to-the-point-of-satire sort of way). The live shot itself goes off without a hitch, but when we head back, the live truck blows a tie rod on I-75. Thus, twice in 6 days I have left the station with a live truck and returned without one.

With that kind of luck I should put $500 down on the Spurs, just so the Pistons will win.

comments (2) 06-21-2005

The People's Comments:

Dave, what makes you think we can afford your services

Sounds like the 'Live Truck' needs some Preventive Maintenance... I hear Northwest Tire and Service does good work!

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