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So the boss let us off of work early this afternoon after the air conditioning suffered a slight malfunction...instead of cooling the building it decided to pump hot air through the vents, so as much as I enjoy working in a 95 degree sauna I had to get the hell out of there. Since I had some extra time on my hands I decided to take a nice run. Actually, just a 'run' because there's absolutely nothing nice about running. Anyhoo, I drove by this one place on my way to work a few times and it looked like a nice generic Ann Arbor park, so I figured I'd take a run through there. After a couple of minutes I noticed that it wasn't exactly a park, it was more of a cemetary! So the point of this extremely unfunny post is to ask an interesting sociological question for everyone reading: Is it acceptable to go running in a cemetary? Or is that considered disrespectful?! There's certain rules in society that I just never bothered to learn, could this be one of them?

comments (8) 06-08-2005

The People's Comments:

I'm surprised that nobody has talked about the importance of proper stretching and warming up before going on a run. Do you want to be the one screaming for help in the middle of a cemetary after pulling a hamstring because you thought you were just 'too cool' to stretch out like those dorky cross country kids? Well, DO YOU?

Soooo, fingering your girlfreind in the basement of the church (in fact in the Sunday school room I had in kindergarden)...that's wrong? Of course blowing a load on the set of High School Bowl is probably wrong also...didn't stop me there either! (I wasn't the first, that's for sure) God, I'm sick! Oh, and as for cemetary ed...what are they going to do if you're there? The most that could happen is they'll grab your ankles from below...nothing serious...

cdeezy.. you wack... wiggidly wack !

And another thing... the air conditioning was broken here on Tuesday, too. I wonder if it's a university-wide thing? Do all of the air conditioners belong to a union that coordinated a work stoppage? I'm just glad that the Nelly fan that works here didn't succumb to any post-hypnotic suggestions. You know, ''I am getting so hot... I wanna take my clothes off...'' That'd be a bad scene like coldcat at a live ''Dora The Explorer'' show.

It's bad form to run in cemeteries. In general, you probably shouldn't do anything in a cemetery that you wouldn't do in a church (which does NOT translate to 'anything Mr. Excitement wouldn't do in a church,' which is something entirely different).

A Google search for 'cemetery etiquette' can tell you more about the do's and don'ts of visiting cemeteries. By the way, I thought this post was so extremely unfunny that Justin must have 'written' it.

I think as long as you're not naked and carrying a boombox that's blasting the theme from 'the Benny Hill Show', you should be in the clear.

Run from your demons young haas... run from them.

As long as you don't make a spectacle of yourself, or practice your hurdling skills by jumping over tombstones, i'd say go for it.

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