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A Shopping trip...part one

Ok, just a quicky story about how crashnet's sister drug me along on a shopping trip.

Now Crash's sister, 'Jello' (name changed to protect her identity) talked me into a gamework video game session in GreatLakes Mall.  After thoughorly getting my arse handed to me enough time on those damn games, she wanted to go clothes shopping. Having nowhere else to spend my time that day, I went along.  Apparently I have been isolated from the fashion world for far too long.

What I saw, was miles and miles of clothes that I last saw in 1970's in their putresant glory colors of yesteryear. I thought I had timewarped back to 1978. All the chartruese colors, the bad pinstripes, shapes that only belonged on polyester grandmothers of yore. On top of that, was the hippie chick clothes they are pushing.  Not the good hippie chick ones that I could picture in my head (where T&A are abundant). Try dirty hippie that can't afford clothes, so they made their own out of whatever and it totally looks like a camping tent wrapped around them. I swear, I was having flashbacks without the acid drops.

These clothes are exactly what one would of used to go to the Salvation army to get to dress up as a 70's person for halloween, or would be digging out of your grandparents closet, cause polyester never wears out.  What of Jello's response to some of my comments?

'That is what is in style now.'  Which is when it hit me.

In the 80's, I remember how the nostalgia for the 50's came around. 1990's and a revival of the 60's came back.And now its in 2000+ years and the 70's junk has come full circle now.  The only difference is that I have now lived completly through a 30 year cycle, only to see it start all over.

So in about 10 years we can all go back the high points of the 1980's where Alex P. Keaton rules and the valley girl returns to mall, to point the way to fashion glory.

I myself I am going to reject that idea and go with a time trusted style that has served our Italian mafia, I mean Italian buisnessmen, so well. The Italian pimp shirt is my choice. Just like your ole uncle vinnie would wear when he's at work collecting debts and breaking legs. A style that has never gone out.

Ya don't like it? I hear that cement shoes are also fashionable to wear, capesh?

comments (1) 05-24-2005

The People's Comments:

I'm still not sure what's more funny, the fact that you let my sister drag you shopping or that you nicknamed her 'Jello.'

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