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The Local Paper

My small town, twice weekly local paper is something of a right wing rag, where refering to the oldest political party in the US as 'Dummy-crats' is considered good journalistic form. The columnist whose rants show up Saturdays is a man named Foster Childs who takes roughly 50% of his work straight from forewarded e-mails, but this week he showed just how illogical he can be when he writes his own material. See it here

Now, the implication of the Democratic Party picking Sen. Clinton (D-NY) for the #2 spot on the ticket is not something he came up with all on his own, but it is fairly silly. The presumptive nominee is a liberal northeastern Senator, so why would the running mate be another liberal northeastern senator? Look at other recent tickets, Governor of Texas and Wyoming businessman, sitting Vice President and Connecticut Senator, Kansas Senator and former Buffalo Bills quarterback. See, they don't pick two people with similar resumes. Besides, the VP choice will be Bill Richardson or Janet Napolitano.

Childs further claims the whole thing is a plot to get Sen. Clinton nominated for the top spot on the ticket in '08. Excuse me, but don't the Democrats want to WIN the 2004 election? Wouldn't an optimistic Democrat assume at this point the 2008 nominee will be incumbant President John Kerry?

The 'evidence' Childs presents is a long string of scanals which plagued the Clinton era, including the long list of women's names (which proves nothing more than our former President was something of a horndog), Whitewater (which turned out to be nothing), and the stealing of White House property (which turned out to be a lie).

My problem isn't so much that he's kind of nuts, but Childs absolutely sucks and he has a job in media, meanwhile I'm still sending out resumes.

comments (1) 06-30-2004

The People's Comments:


Sure looked like an opinion piece to me.

However with that said, now that I've read this so called 'news paper'. I understand more of where Eric is coming from. I really think if I always read that pile of shit, I'd be just as jaded as he. But thank ... um... me, I'm smart enough not to read crap like that on a regular basis. But Eric likes being pissed off at the world. It makes him feel better. Or at least I think it does.

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