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Everybody knows this is nowhere

I just heard a funny story on Sports Radio 1130 WDFN about the Pistons/Pacers game last night:

According to a Pistons insider who writes for the Detroit News, as the Pistons were leaving the arena last night around 11:30, a black Escalade plows into the parking lot, almost runs over a few people, and pulls up near the Pistons' team bus.  And who pops out?  None other than suspended Pacer maniac Ron Artest, wearing a pair of very short shorts and a t-shirt, which he proceded to rip apart ala Hulk Hogan when he stepped out of the car!!  Now apparently Artest was there for a midnight workout after the game.  If you're the Pistons and you see this, is it not the funniest thing you've ever seen?  This guy is certifiable, I wonder if his legendary rap album is that crazy?

So how about that game last night?  I'd give you my thoughts, but I was too busy watching the seasons finales of The O.C. and E.R.  Both were great.  I flipped to the Pistons game during commericials.  I missed the big sappy Reggie Miller tribute toward the end of the game for an equally sappy Dr. Carter tribute on E.R.  So should I just turn in my man card right now and get it over with?  My home team advances to the Eastern Conference Finals during their quest to repeat as NBA champions and I'm busy watching a teary-eyed Kirsten getting shipped off to rehab on The O.C. and Dr. Carter walking out the E.R. for the last time?  What the hell happened to me?!

comments (3) 05-20-2005

The People's Comments:

Sorry, I must of missed all that. I nerded out and went to see Revenge of the Sith, and only vaguely heard the Artest thing.

Haas, you have lost all my respect.

Don't you own a VCR? I watched the game at work, then watched the live post game press conferences straight off the router, then went home and watched the tape of the OC. Some thoughts: Rick Carlisle mentioned Reggie's final game was a fitting end to his career. I thought it quite fitting that his final shot was shoved back down his throat by Ben Wallace. After all, my personal favorite Reggie Miller moment involved a Piston blocking one of his shots in a playoff game. On the OC, one of Cal's long lost daughter shows up for the funeral but not the other? I was waiting for that Lindsay-Hailey exchange of 'wait, who are you?' Isn't it odd that Summer is now the one that goes around fixing things? And what a big year this has been for Marrisa, first she's boinking the pool-boy, then she's gay, then she offs a guy. She's gonna need therapy most of next season, of course look what happened last time she saw a shrink.

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