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The Big News..for me anyway.
Jan 13, 2006

Breaking News!!!
Jan 10, 2006

I am King Kong's Bitch!
Dec 14, 2005

Dec 09, 2005

Listen up you lucky people!!!
Nov 10, 2005



Damn passwords

Good freaking grief!

Ask for a damn account, get one made and spend 2 hours trying to remember what the hell I submitted. Pretty soon I am going to have to stick everything on some sort of newfangled electromagnetic storage device that will crap out, screwing me over even more, cause I can never even spend the time to write it on paper, let alone find said piece of paper. Stupid password, stupid pieces of paper I can't remember why I kept.

Your friend in the the Darkside,



Dark Helmet: Out of Order?! F*!@#! Even in the future, nothing works!


comments (1) 05-15-2005

The People's Comments:

You could have just asked. I might have even told you what the password was... maybe.

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