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Spike Lee's an Asshole

Mott College in Flint, MI is bringing back the Ballanger Lecture Series, a series that hopes to bring in major speakers from a wide variety of areas of expertise. It was part of the cultural landscape for many years before the plug was pulled in the mid 80's. They're first speaker in the revived series was Spike Lee, who yes, is quite short.

I covered the event for my media outlet employer and as I and the other members of the press patiently awaited the start of the 6:30 event shortly after 7, we were told Mr. Lee would rather we turned off our cameras after about five minutes or so. Because, you know, cameras steal your soul or something. I might actually buy that he would feel that way if he weren't such a media whore. The start of the talk went like this, 'You know when I was growing up in Brooklyn I never thought I wanted to be a director. Can we get those cameras turned off?' No, not quite five minutes. More like five seconds. Thanks a lot dick. You can't really get a whole lot of video of that, but I managed to scrape by. One local affiliate actually did run him saying that, introducing it with 'Spike Lee had a big suprise for us.' Even the local paper mentioned it in the write up. Here's the thing, Mr Big Shot Assneck Spike Lee's hatred of video cameras affected me and three other guys. That's it. So why run the clip to make him look back when he likely doesn't care that people hate him? Meanwhile I ran the rather limited video of him walking onto the stage with an interview I did later with one of the organizers. That way the Lecture Series still looks good and gets some publicity while I still get to trash Spike Lee (asshole) on the lovely medium called the internet.

comments (1) 04-05-2005

The People's Comments:

'Because, you know, cameras steal your soul or something.'

Wait... we all know Spike Lee doesn't have a soul.

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