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I just got a e-mail saying my password was changed...of course, I didn't beleive it and sure enough when I started dicking with the link that sent me to paypal.com, it was a tracking system...so I fucked with it (using a user name like FUCK YOU! and a password of EAT SHIT!) and even after typing that in, it said 'Thanks for using paypal' and then .
The only difference was that it had a http://www.sqlgate.com in front of it...of course, that is a tracking software site...hmmmm...now I'm all paranoid that I almost fell for it...but I sat on the phone for 20 minutes to let them know it and if you get anything similar send it to spoof@paypal.com
Hope this helps

comments (2) 04-05-2005

The People's Comments:

Yes that was none to bright. But you saved face by calling paypal and letting them know about it.

Dude, you're a moron. A lovable moron with a bedpost notched like a beaver dam, but a moron nonetheless.

Remember, kids, don't click on links sent to you by e-mail, especially if it's https://www.paypal.com!

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